Aviator Unlimited - About Us

About the Watches:

Until now, only if you are wearing a uniform are you capable of wearing your wings.  Now, weather in uniform or out, you can display your wings to be regognized as part of the group we call “Aviators”.  Display your acheivement and participation and by wearing a watch with wings from Aviator Unlimited.

Other aviators watches have no major visual quality to set them apart from just a regular watch.  They require a backstory or a background picture underlying them in an advertisement, or a close examination to distinguish it as an aviators watch.  Our watches are instantly recognized as an aviators watch, even to those who have never seen one before.  They require no backstory or thorough examination to see an aviators watch.  If you remove the P-51 mustang from the background of an advertisement for a big brand watch, and replace it with a school bus, it could be like school bus driver’s watch.  If you place a school bus behind an Aviator Unlimited, it remains an aviators watch.

Our watches are unique; there is no other like them.  The patented design (US Patent D733 606) that incorporates aviator’s wings into the watch sets these watches apart from all other watches.




The Aviator Unlimited Story – A Story to WATCH

This business is a family business owned by Grace, Caleb, Cherie, and Steve

Will it be another big brand name someday?  Maybe. We think it will be, if not already.

Forever as a part of its history this is family owned business started by a pilot.  The pilot and his plane is known as Holy Smoke.

He started skywriting in Boca Raton, moved to Orlando and is known for putting up messages at 10,500 feet, 7 miles long with letters 3/4 a mile high.

People stand in line at the parks and throughout Orlando and WATCH his messages unfold.  His iconic smiley face has been seen by many.  Airline pilots and passengers can see it on approach to Orlando International and other airports surrounding. the skywriting gets captured on cell phones and the messages get tweeted and sent around the world.  They have even been noticed on billboards in China.  This holy smoke is Gerald Stevens, we can call him Jerry for short.

This Family Business has pledged 5% of all sales to keeping this sole skywriting in the sky.

If you want a watch that tells people who YOU are, that YOU are a pilot, and that YOU earned your wings, then this is YOUR watch.  No need to be a billboard for a Brand.  Wear a watch that highlights YOU.

Be an Aviator Unlimited

Holy Smoke

Jerry raises tens of thousands a year in private donations to his 501C3 business (Holy Smoke) to pay for the skywriting he does.  Let’s help him double that this year and possibly get another airplane and pilot out there doubling the messages that we all love to see.