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We are a family owned business that was started by a God loving pilot.  That pilot and his plane is known as Holy Smoke.

He started skywriting in Boca Raton, Florida, moved to Orlando, Florida and is known for putting up messages at 10,000 feet, 7 miles long with letters 3/4 a mile high.

People stand in line at the parks and throughout Orlando and WATCH a message unfold and that message is often JESUS LOVES U.  Airline pilots and passengers can see it on approach to Orlando and other airports. Messages get tweeted and sent around the world telling everyone that view JESUS LOVES U.  Gerald Stevens is his name we can call him Jerry for Short

Jerry raises tens of thousands a year in private donations to his 501C3 business (Holy Smoke) to pay for the skywriting.  Let’s help him double his fund raising this year and possibly get another airplane and pilot out there doubling the messages that we all love to see.

This Family Business has pledged 5% of all sales to this wonderful mission.